Lesson Progress:

In addition to your cello, chair and yourself you will need to have your tuner handy, as today we will learn how to use it!  It is absolutely essential that you learn how to tune your cello from the beginning as you will need to do this each and every time you sit down to play.  This will help your ear develop along with your skills on the instrument itself, a combination that can’t be beat!

Ants, ants, ants… posture and learning the names of your strings.

Ants, Ants, Ants, Digging in the
Dirt, Dirt, Dirt, Going under
Ground, Ground, Ground, where they play their
Cello, Cello, Cello

This can also be sung,

A, A, A going down to
D, D, D going down to
G, G, G, going down to
C, C, C

This can be plucked with both the left (all fingers) and right hand.  This is a fabulous and very simple way to learn the names of your strings!

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