Lesson Progress:

Stirring Soup:

Make a bow hold and then make a ‘pot of soup’ stirring the  soup with the bow, this is done with the bow in a vertical position. This is a greatly loved game, use as many variations as you wish for soup, body parts, furniture, objects etc, have as much fun with this as you can!

Poke Balloons / Bubbles:

 Make a bow hold and while holding the bow vertical, poke bubbles (yes you can use real bubbles) or balloons.  The kids really enjoy this exercise as this becomes very fun, very quickly.  Watch the thumb on the bow hand as soon as it starts to press or collapse then restart the game.

Finger Flutters:

This is designed to help loosen tension in the bow hand and create better balance in the hand.  Make a bow hand then try to flutter the fingers while holding the bow.

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