Lesson Progress:

Monkey climb:  Bow hand, loosening up the fingers.

Make a bow hold, then proceed to climb the monkey (bow hand) up to the tip of the bow, for more of a challenge try to go back to the frog.  As well, watch the thumb is bent for better control.

Going Fishing: This bow hold game is designed to work on the thumb.

This game is to be played only once the hand is giving you a relatively strong bow hold. Make a bow hold, then holding the ‘fishing rod’ around the belly button, drop the ‘line’ into the water from the tip and the bow will now be horizontal with the hair facing the wall.  The thumb is properly placed will pop up into a bent shape.

Sword– fights:

This bow game is designed for control of the tip of the bow, mainly for the baby finger. Make a bow hold, then standing up take the tip of the bow and ‘fight’ your practice partner.  If it is 2 bows they will be touching in the top 1/3 of the bow with the hair touching each other, try to ‘push’ the one bow over. Be careful the bow hand does not resolve to a fist shape!

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