Lesson Progress:

Touch a hot bridge:  Left arm.

With the left arm or cello hand slide the hand up the fingerboard until it reaches the ‘hot’ bridge OUCH and fly hand back to first position with the elbow remaining high and pointed out towards the wall.

 Knuckle Knocks: Left and Right hand.

This exercise can be done with both the bow hand and cello hand. The bow hand will knock the path of the bow (bow at tip, on any string, held by practice partner) The cello hand will travel up and down the fingerboard. This will help establish looseness in the wrist and finger joints.

The Monorail:  Left hand or cello hand.

Take your middle finger and place in-between the D and the G string, have the fingernail facing the bridge and the finger tall.  Now pull the finger back to first position and place the thumb directly underneath the second finger to make a round shape. Now ‘blob’ the fingers all in a line on the fingerboard in-between the strings.  Remember to keep the wing up high and support under the wrist.  Then lean the fingers back a little off center so the fingers can ‘fan’ out into position.

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