Lesson Progress:

Land in the Moon Dust: Bow hold, arm shaping.

This is to now allow the bow to transition to the string.  Seated with your cello, make a bow hold and turn that arm into a rocket.  Blast off into the air and land on the D or G string.  Here we shape the arm while the moon dust is settling. Watch the shoulder is down, the arm is relaxed with  the elbow pointed towards the wall.  The knuckles on the bow hand are parallel to the stick, slightly behind and the thumb is tall.

Wiggleworm:  Establishes point of contact after bow hold and arm shaping.

Create a great bow hold, land in the moon dust, and while the bow is on the string, try to move the string with no sound and have it wiggle back and forth. Be careful that the bow is parallel to both the bridge and end of fingerboard as that will reinforce the correct arm shape.

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