Lesson Progress:

This is the first presentation of one of the most common and used bow strokes, called Detaché. This bow stroke is most often played when using 16th notes. The bow stroke is not necessarily a stopped stroke as first presented here, it eventually works in a smooth fashion much like if you were scrubbing a pot. Your arm would be moving back and forth in a continuous manner the stroke is only ‘detached’ in the sense that the bow switches direction. The presentation here is so that you can determine an equal distance with both the down and up bow. This will make a difference in the future allowing all the notes to sound equal. Best of luck with this lesson, keep this in your daily practice session, it should feel smooth and effortless when you start to master it. (Be able to play Peanut butter is so sticky like I do from the 6:30-7:30 mark very well before going to lesson 23)

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