Lesson Progress:

In essence this lesson is your practice coach session for this unit. Today’s presentation combines both the left and right hand during the lesson, alternating between the two of them, this is a big deal! This is really setting the foundation for your playing and you want to be very proficient at this before moving on. That being said, it still is a bit of a lesson as we did add some new skills! If you are having a hard time with the left hand, review lesson 21 past the 10 minute mark, that will help.

We do 2 new things in this lesson, we add the bowing pattern Peanut Butter Is So Sticky to both the A and the C string, as well as we start to smooth out the stroke. Once you get comfortable with the previous lesson (lesson 22/21) and it starts to feel more familiar to you, this is where I would next concentrate my time. Remember to be very careful with the bow angles you use on both the A and C string. On the C string the bow arm elbow will have a football shape (as if you were holding one) and the A string will have a much more rounded beachball shape. These are critical to producing good sound. Why does the shape change? The answer is because of the curved bridge, we have to account for that with our bodies, essentially mimicking the curve.

Wishing you much success with this video, once you can do this video, practice it many times!

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