Lesson Progress:

Like the left arm or ‘wing’ we have to learn how to master string crossings in the right arm or the Bow Arm. The reason why string crossings are a bit difficult yet super important to master is that we play on an instrument with a curved bridge. While this gives us so much it terms of expression, it adds some challenges. The most important feature to remember is that the bow sits at the proper angle on each individual string. If you are struggling a bit to find the proper angle take you bow hair and put it directly on the bridge if it is sitting squarely on the bridge that is the proper angle. Sometimes this is difficult to see from our view down the cello, this helps out quite a bit! As well you can use a partner to help you ‘see’, thirdly a mirror works as well! This, like in the left arm, can take a while to master. Add this to your practice skills list for a few minutes each day and you will have it in no time!

Bonus Exercise:  Rock ‘n Roll: Bow hand, upper arm, string crossings.
Take the bow to the point of landing in the moon dust, making sure that the bow is parallel to the bridge and fingerboard, roll the bow from the C string to the A string and back.

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