Lesson Progress:

Congratulations! We have now graduated to a new bowing pattern. This pattern is four 16th notes (alligator) followed by two 8th notes (pizza), presented here as a combination bowing. This rhythm combines detache and staccato bowing. A staccato bow is a ‘stopped’ bow as there is a bit of a ‘space’ between each note you play. The staccato bow is the ‘pizza’ part and the detache bow is the ‘alligator’.

In this pattern, once again bow distribution is important, this is noted during the video. The 16th notes ‘alligator’ use half as much bow as the 8th notes ‘pizza’. During the 8th notes ‘pizza’ allow a little bit of time for the bow to stop and feel the balance on the string before changing direction for the second 8th. Take your time in feeling this and get the balance right first with the staccato strokes then try to do it in rhythm with the 16th notes. Take this exercise as slow as you need to feel the balance and bow distribution differences then work yourself up to a faster rhythm or pulse.

Remember that our minds generally figure things out faster than our bodies, so taking it slow allows our bodies time to learn the motions correctly. Add this to your daily practice, and see the magic that unfolds.

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