Lesson Progress:

In today’s lesson we start working 2 ‘trick’ patterns together. This starts setting the hand up for falling in a nice 1- 4 shape. The left hand needs to learn how to distance and shape itself so that the first finger stays in tune when the fourth finger falls. The object here is to have the fourth finger land or fall in the correct position from the first finger and land in tune. The second trick, gives us a chance to see if the first finger moves or stays in the correct spot. If you do this exercise and the first finger shifts out of tune, check the angle of the forearm of the wing, it should still be leaning slightly back. Kind of like you are looking a your wristwatch. A typical mistake that people make is to rotate the forearm forward changing the shape of the fingers on the fingerboard. This will generally pull the first finger forward off its spot. If you are struggling to keep the first finger in tune, check your forearm and remember the fingers should be leaning slightly back on the fingerboard. Check to see that you can see the face of the ‘wristwatch’. This is an essential technique to playing cello well. Spend some time on this and make sure you are being very accurate.

In part 2 of this video, we are working on keeping the bow in the peanut butter pattern in a proper detached format. IE having that continuous ‘scrubbing’ stroke. As well, we are working on our string crossings and bow angles while playing our bow patterns. This is to help prepare us for putting both hands together. You can use this video as a practice video. This is a very useful video to do many times over, as it effectively alternates the work between both left and right hand, one gets a break while the other works. Additionally, this will help to build your endurance on the cello so that when we put hands together you won’t get too tired and can play to your heart’s content. Have fun and see you in the next video!

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