Lesson Progress:

This new bowing pattern belongs to a group we like to call Alternate Bowing Patterns. This means that one group of the pattern starts Down bow (from frog-tip, this symbol looks like the top part of a hat) and the next starts Up bow (from tip-frog, this symbol looks like a V). You will see in the video the pattern I’m using is one 8th note followed by two 16th notes, repeated. The first 8th note is Down and the second 8th note is Up. We also see this same Down/Up pattern when we have triplets, the first 3 start Down and the next 3 start Up. The difference between these being the rhythm, triplets are 3 equal notes and in Down pony Up pony the rhythm of the the 2 following notes are twice as fast as the Down and the Up.

The other skill that you are working on here is that you are moving farther away from your bow hand. The farther away from your hand you go the more you have to transfer weight towards the tip. When you are working on this pattern try to make sure that the sound and tone quality are equal at both parts of the bow. If you are struggling with this, keep an eye on the hair of the bow and make sure the bow hair is tipping into the string. Kind of like you are pouring water out of the stick or hair, it needs to drip out of the end. If the bow is not tipping into the string, you will likely have tone issues. An excellent exercise to practice with this video is ‘Dancing Cellos’, keep your eye out for it in the next unit. These two video’s really compliment each other. Be sure to watch for practice tips at the end!

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