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It’s hard to believe we are here already. This is where things start to get exciting, bringing both hands together! Wow, a job well done. You have at this point accomplished a lot in your individual hands and now its time to start putting them together. If you struggle with this, go back and work a little bit more with the hands independently then try again. You should work with this video for several weeks until it is completely mastered. This will pay off in dividends later! If you don’t take the time to coordinate you hands properly often you will get some unintended sounds that happen because the bow and left hand aren’t working perfectly together. This should prevent that from happening. If you find this happening at any point in your playing, keep this video in mind for future reference. Here we are teaching the left hand to work slightly ahead of the right hand. The most important point to observe is the ‘stops’ or the ‘sets’ in the video. That’s right, the most important parts happen in the space where ‘nothing’ happens. This really identifies the concept of Stop Prepare Play. It is the Prepare step that we are looking for here. A good practice concept here would be to apply all 3 bowing patterns to all 3 sets of strings, effectively taking you through this process at least 9 times a practice. Alternatively this works as a practice video too, have fun!

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